• 2018 EDGE Session: Supply Chain Risk Management: Speed Kills. So Can Lettuce

    In this 2018 EDGE Conference session, discover how day-to-day challenges in the supply chain can keep us from considering what may be lurking around the corner. Too often cyber threats dominate risk discussions in the supply chain and operational risks – like lettuce or hurricanes – are overlooked.

    • Describe the threat vectors present in every supply chain.
    • Identify and classify operational risks across the supply chain.
    • Explore techniques to manage, mitigate, and reduce supply chain management.


    • Kristin French, Chief of Staff, Defense Logistics Agency
    • Kathy Fulton, Executive Director, American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN)
    • Steve Geary, President, Supply Chain Visions, Inc.
    • Shawn Winn, Chief Operating Officer, Supply Chain Visions, Inc.

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