• A License for Growth: Delivering the Customer-centric Supply Chain (Part 2/2)

    In the aftermath of COVID-19, supply chains are being tested as the engine to revitalize and renew customer-centric growth, fueled by a larger purpose. With the role of the supply chain evolving, and the pressure to maintain resilience in times of crisis, now is the time to transform it to be a driver of growth, value, trust and competitive advantage within your business.

    Part two of this two-part series will examine the data behind our latest research which reveals that only 10% of companies—supply chain “Masters”—are driving growth while delivering on customer value propositions. What are they doing differently?

    Join us November 5 at 3pm CDT, as we continue the discussion on what makes an intelligent supply chain customer-centric.

    Mike Reiss, Senior Principal, USA Supply Chain & Operations – Accenture Strategy
    Bob Pitts, Principal Director, USA Supply Chain & Operations – Accenture Strategy

    Mike is a Senior Principal in Accenture’s Supply Chain Strategy practice specializing in Global Logistics Operating Models, Transportation Management, and Fleet Management. With deep experience in technology and solution implementations across Transportation and Warehousing as well as Supply Chain Visibility Control Towers, Mike has been part of the supply chain team at Accenture for over 15 years and possesses over 22 years’ experience overall in logistics and fleet management.

    Bob is a Principal Director in Accenture’s Strategy Operations practice. He has strong operational experience with over 25 years in the supply chain, transportation, logistics and distribution industry across a wide range of Industries. His experience is in the design and implementation of supply chain transformation programs and operating models for supply chain operations to deliver value that aligns with clients’ business strategy.

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