• A New Approach to Primary Freight: How Convoy’s Guaranteed Primary Lowers Transportation Costs with 100% Tender Acceptance

    Whether you ship 1,000 or 100,000 truckloads each year, you face challenges in getting your freight covered reliably.

    For high-volume shippers, RFPs and freight contracts are meant to provide dependable capacity and cost savings. But RFPs take months to complete, cost millions in operational expenses, and result in contracts that are quickly broken when the market tightens.

    For smaller businesses who don’t run RFPs, shipping on the spot market is often the only viable solution. But spot freight has its own costs and risks—it’s time-consuming to tender every individual shipment, and you’re often working with unfamiliar carriers, which can jeopardize your service quality.

    Now there’s a better way. Convoy Guaranteed Primary is a unique approach to primary freight that can reduce your transportation costs by up to 19% while offering 100% tender acceptance. For large shippers, Guaranteed Primary eliminates the time and costs of running an RFP, and results in higher service quality. For small shippers, Guaranteed Primary eliminates the time, hassle and risk of relying on the spot market. And for logistics professionals in companies of all sizes, Guaranteed Primary means less time fighting fires and more time adding value to your business.

    Join Ari Bixhorn and Aaron Terrazas from the Convoy team for this 30-minute webinar to learn about:

    • The true cost of transportation procurement and freight contracts
    • How RFPs and their resulting contracts fail to deliver on the promises of reliable service and lower, predictable costs
    • How Guaranteed Primary can save shippers of all sizes millions of dollars annually while providing 100% tender acceptance

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