• Join the eBOL task force developing the industry standard - Webinar Replay

    The CBA, CSCMP, GS1 US, Accenture, Coyote Logistics, Vector, and dozens of shippers, carriers, 3PLs, and retailers are working together to create an open eBOL industry standard for contactless pickup and delivery.

    What is the standard?

    A common data set and definitions that logistics partners can begin to implement during each major system upgrade

    A guideline for a set of processes that logistics partners implement to streamline operations for efficiency, visibility, sustainability, and safety for all

    Documented and tested technology requirements for how to implement a solution that can support the guidelines

    Why should you join the task force?
    *Reduce dwell time and detention fees, and create an OTIF audit that all parties can verify
    *Gain real-time visibility into the performance of each facility’s pickup and delivery process
    *Enable frictionless ASN’s and create a standard unique identifier for tracking loads and SKU-level details
    *Automate processes and improve efficiency in the field and in the back office

    Not sure if the task force is right for you? Then join this webinar replay panel to learn more about the progress made towards an industry standard.

    Moderator: Chris Adderton, VP, CSCMP
    Panelist: Jeff Cowan, Community Engagement Director, GS1 US
    Panelist: Tom Madrecki, VP of Supply Chain, CBA
    Panelist: Will Chu, CEO, Vector

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