• Member Mondays - Phil Ramsdale

    CSCMP Member Phil Ramsdale, President of Transport Solutions, a Long Beach, California based firm, is one of CSCMP’s most engaged members. Phil has been a CSCMP member for 21 years and active 14 years as a CSCMP Roundtable president. Phil’s motto: To be part of the solution informs his life and career. He encourages CSCMP members to maximize their membership by being consistent with their involvement in CSCMP Roundtables which allows members to stretch, learn, and network in ways that many won’t experience until much later in their careers. Phil sees the biggest impact heading to supply chain as the influx of new graduates from universities and trade schools and the expansion of remote work across the industry. Phil’s a part of CSCMP’s EDGE committee and will be joining us in Atlanta, Georgia this September for the CSCMP EDGE 2021 Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition.

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