• Member Mondays – Ronnie Brannon

    CSCMP Member Ronnie Brannon, Program Lead for the Logistics and Supply Chain program at Palo Alto College went from “Why Logistics?” to “Wow Logistics” after initially getting his start in high school stocking shelves at Walmart. Ronnie attributes his excitement for the logistics industry to passionate instructors who set him on his path to sharing his knowledge and love for the supply chain industry with students at Palo Alto College. Ronnie forecasts supply chain logistics embracing automation and significantly developing talent acquisition in the coming years. He shares a CSCMP member benefit highlight from last year when he attended an EDGE conference session presented by Target’s Arthur Valdez. Ronnie reached out to the CEO, they connected, and now they’ve developed enhanced opportunities for Ronnie’s students upon graduation. Join CSCMP’s membership community and come to EDGE to network and build relationships that will enhance your career!

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