• Resume and Cover Letter Writing Webinar - Employing Best Practices to Give You an Edge in the Hiring Process

    Hollywood movie studios use 30 to 120 second movie trailers to pique the prospective audience’s interest and persuade them to dedicate 2+ hours and $15+ to watching the movie in theaters. In hiring terms, the resume and cover letter serve the same purpose – namely to convince the recruiter or hiring manager to dedicate more time to you and your application.

    While these two documents are not the only criteria that employers consider, they are critical to moving on to the next step in the process (usually securing an initial interview). In fact, many employers will immediately disqualify applicants if they find resume and cover letter issues like grammar misuse, spelling mistakes, and an inability to clearly articulate your experience and qualifications.

    In this recorded webinar, Mackenzie Keranen –Employee Success Business Partner at Llamasoft – will teach attendees how to write a resume and cover letter that will set you apart from the pack and ensure you are able to land that coveted interview. This webinar will also cover common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid when writing your resume and cover letter.

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