• Safety in Numbers: How Machine Learning is the Future of Freight Risk Management

    Carrier safety standards are critical to keeping our roads safe and reducing risk to shippers’ bottom lines. But with more than three million trucks in the US, it’s not feasible for shippers to navigate the complexity of carrier quality and compliance on their own. That’s why Convoy uses machine learning and big data to set a higher standard for the carriers in its network, and automates the process to ensure compliance in real time.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how this novel approach to safety standards is an improvement over the FMCSA’s safety measurement system, reduces the risk of crashes and claims, and provides a foundation for the future of freight risk management.

    Presented by Lorin Seeks, Director of Carrier Quality and Compliance of Convoy.

    Lorin developed a passion for logistics as a Captain in the US Army Transportation Corps and never looked back. He has spent his career engaged in various supply chain focused roles for both carriers and shippers, to include leading the North American Transportation Operations team at Starbucks. Lorin holds an MBA and a MS in Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics from the University of Washington, where he is on the advisory board of the Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center. He is currently the Director of Carrier Quality and Compliance for Convoy.

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