• Warehouse Execution Systems and the Coming “Smart” Distribution Center

    The era of the “smart warehouse” is here.

    Advances in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and especially newer Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) are breaking the existing distribution center mold, ushering in a new generation of intelligent DCs that will bring significantly improved levels of efficiency and performance.

    Warehouse Execution Systems have been around in various forms for a number of years, but they are not yet well understood. WES has also most often been associated with heavily automated systems, and less so for more manual or hybrid DCs.

    This webinar will demystify WMS, Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), and WES, focusing on the new capabilities advanced WMS+WES solutions bring to distribution in automated, non-automated, and mixed DC environments, with “always on” processing.

    Add in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and we are on a path to greatly improved resource management and product flow – or what we might call “Flow Distribution” – and the realization of the truly smart distribution center.

    In this fast-paced session you’ll learn:

    • The basics of Warehouse Execution Systems (WES)
    • How WMS and WES work together to drive value
    • How new WES capabilities can take existing automated and non-automated DCs to new levels of performance
    • How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can be used to drive better WES decision-making
    • What the Smart Distribution Center of the future and the “autonomous WMS” will look like

    The “warehouse of the future” is, in fact, here today.

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