• The Evolution of Work: How COVID-19 is Impacting the Next Generation of Leadership

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, likely forever. Almost overnight, offices worldwide shifted to virtual settings, and business from small to large alike faced lay-off, furloughs, closures, new operating procedures, and innovation.

    While this disruption has affected everyone, this webinar will explore how COVID-19 has impacted the next generation of supply chain leaders, those 32 years of age and younger that CSCMP refers to as Young Professionals.

    During this webinar, Mary Long, Professor at University of Tennessee, will engage a panel of leaders from CSCMP’s Young Professionals’ committee to explore the following:

    What parts of this situation have been the hardest for Young Professionals?
    What aspects have created the biggest opportunities?
    What changes will continue and become the new normal in the future? (wfh, baking break, gardening, virtual teams, etc.)
    How has this situation changed them as leaders? Has it removed some of the WHADITW barriers?

    Join us for the members only event on Thursday, July 9, at 11am CST.

    Michael D’Angelo, TDI Remediation Lead, Volkswagen of America
    Thomas Shield, Manager – US Transportation & Logistics, Kohler Co.
    Kimberlee Owens, Senior Supply Chain Strategist, Fifth Season (RoBotany)
    Justin Hill, Supply Chain Manager – Cold Chain Imports, The Coastal Companies
    Dawie Faurie, Industrial Engineer Supply Chain Business Unit – iPlan Global

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