• Tuesday Major Session Introduction

    CSCMP EDGE 2018’s Tuesday major session introduction with Rick Blasgen, CSCMP President and CEO, and Remko I. Van Hoek, CSCMP Chair of the Board.

    CSCMP exists to provide opportunities for supply chain professionals to communicate in order to develop and improve their supply chain management skills.  It’s an ongoing goal to create a culture of mentorship and learning, offering members multiple ways to advance professionally. Rick Blasgen and Remko I. Van Hoek share their views on the opportunities available for supply chain professionals through their membership with CSCMP. 

    We invite you to take advantage of the many resources and opportunities CSCMP makes available to members; things like life-long learning, relationship building, unique events, publications and research, and exposure to industry leaders both locally and globally.   Visit cscmp.org to learn more.

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