• Uncovering Hidden Inefficiencies in your Supply Chain with a Digital Freight Network

    From the moment you tender a shipment to the moment it’s safely delivered at its destination, you should have visibility into the status of the truck and location of your freight. In addition, you should be able to identify patterns in your shipments and facilities over time that help you improve the efficiency of your supply chain. This is one of the goals of digital freight networks – to provide detailed insights into your freight operations that highlight inefficiencies and enable you to lower transportation costs.

    In this webinar with Convoy, we’ll discuss the current challenges in collecting shipment data at scale and how a digital freight network addresses these challenges. We’ll cover the different categories of data that digital freight networks collect and how each can benefit your business. And we’ll review 8 real-world examples of how businesses identified and addressed hidden inefficiencies in their supply chains in partnership with a digital freight network.

    Hosted by:
    Chris Walker, PhD
    Shipper Insights

    Ari Bixhorn
    Shipper Product

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